Supervisor Micro-Certification Program Additional Modules

Following successful completion of all SMCP Core Modules participants are invited to take any of the additional modules.  These modules are based on what you have learned and deal with the application of your skills in a variety of situations. Completion of all additional modules earns the participant a second certificate and a congratulatory gift!


SMCP Module 8 – Coaching and Mentoring Apprentices

In-class or Distance Learning


Module 8 is about the particular skills that are required to coach the next generation of people entering the trades. We will discuss how to teach, encourage and lead them as they develop their trade skills and learn how to work with their teams in this industry. 

Structure: First an Instructor-led session (in-person or virtual), which builds on core leadership competencies using group discussions, quizzes and applications to real-world situations. Then access to online exercises and group discussions to share strategies and ideas, to offer successes and failures and discover best practices for the participants own situation.

Upon successful completion of the module, participants are issued a digital badge.

Duration: 2 hours

Member Price: $0

Non-Member Price: Non-Member Price: $100


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