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Asbestos – Level 1 Foundational Awareness WorkSafeBC Exam | Online

Asbestos is a hazardous material that can cause serious longterm health issues and even death. Proper handling and abatement of asbestos requires specialized skills and knowledge. With the introduction of this certification program, the BC government is taking proactive measures to ensure that every worker on an asbestos-containing site can develop the necessary expertise to work safely and mitigate risks effectively. All workers in British Columbia covered by the regulation must obtain their asbestos abatement certification by January 1, 2024, to continue working on any site where asbestos is present. Asbestos abatement contractors, who must also be licensed by WorkSafeBC by January 1, 2024, need to ensure all of their workers are certified for the work they perform.

CLAC is offering the Level 1 Foundational Awareness course through BCCSA, which is for WorkSafeBC's scope of practice below:

  • Transport asbestos-containing materials
  • Dispose of asbestos-containing waste

The WorkSafeBC Level 1 Foundational exam is the last step to obtaining the Asbestos Level 1 Foundational Awareness certification. You're required to successfully complete Asbestos 101 and 201 prior to requesting the exam. CLAC BC Training will provide you with a license key to redeem on BCCSA’s Asbestos website where you can then schedule your WorkSafeBC Level 1 exam. There will be options for in person exams at a pre-determined location, or virtually via Zoom. The exam sessions is 90 minutes, which includes 60 minutes for the exam and a 30-minute buffer for technology check, registration, practice quiz etc.

Pre-requisites:  Asbestos - Level 1 Foundational Awareness - 101 and Asbestos - Level 1 Foundational Awareness 201 | Online (

Duration: 1.5 hours

Member Cost: Contact CLAC Training for details

Non-Member/Public Cost: $62.50

For more information on certificates and the new mandatory training, please visit WorkSafe BC.