Welding – Initial B Pressure Training



This course will provide theory, safety, and technical training for the Initial Alberta B Pressure qualification, using either SMAW F3F4 or GTAWF6/SMAWF4 on carbon steel. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to undergo the SMAW F3F4 or GTAW F6/SMAWF4 B Pressure qualification test on 6” x 0.432 W Sch 80 pipe.

Prerequisite: Alberta Journeyman certificate of proficiency, Alberta Journeyman equivalency document, or Journeyman Welder’s Interprovincial Red Seal certificate of competency.

Course Cost*
Duration: 5 days
Member Price: $1,200
Non-Member/Public Price: $1,400

*The cost includes course content and ABSA B Pressure qualification test fee.


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