Pipeline Practice

CLAC Training now offers pipeline welder training! Get ready for your next pipeline job with our daily booth rental and one-on-one support from our expert instructors.

Training is available Monday-Friday for an eight-hour (full day) registration. Each registrant will be provided with one set of coupons and the required tools and consumables to complete two welds over the course of the day.* Limited rig booths are available.


Individual Welder Practice – Full Day Rate
Member $600
Non-Member $650
*One set of coupons included


Individual Welder Practice – Hourly Rate
Member $75/hour
Non-Member $80/hour
*One set of partially finished coupons included (Pipe Half Full – Fill and Cap)



Tag Team Welder Practice


Two Welders, Full Day Rate
Member $400/person
Non-Member $450/person
*One set of coupons, and one welding booth included per pair of welders

*Additional coupons are available for $100 per piece.

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