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When cargo or a vehicle part dislodges from a moving vehicle and falls onto the road, it becomes a serious hazard for drivers. Even a small item can be dangerous when it is discharged at highway speed, prompting erratic avoidance maneuvers, and potentially causing a crash. Sometimes large cargo shifts, slips, or dislodges from the vehicle with catastrophic results. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, vehicle-related road debris (VRRD) that has been unintentionally discharged from vehicles onto the roadway is estimated to cause over 25,000 crashes per year in North America, resulting in approximately 90 fatalities. VRRD is either vehicle parts, such as separated tires, or cargo that has been unintentionally discharged from a vehicle onto the roadway. One of the best ways to prevent injuries and losses related to VRRD is education and training.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Member Cost: $27

Non-Member/Public Cost: $53