Looking for Work?

CLAC Jobs, Ontario Program

In Ontario, CLAC Jobs connects workers who are looking for work with CLAC employers who have job opportunities. This program is free and open to members and external applicants looking for construction work within CLAC. CLAC does not run a hiring hall–meaning you are open to find work wherever you want.


Application Process

All applicants must complete our 2-step application process:

  1. Fill out our intake form
  2. Upload documents:

Need Training? If you do not have this training, please follow the links provided and CLAC can arrange it for you (visit clac.ca/training/ON for more information and course cost/availability).


Intake Form



CLAC Applicant Profile


Once all required documents are received, our team creates a CLAC Applicant Profile for you that will be added to a bi-weekly list of available applicants sent to Ontario CLAC employers. Suitable candidates will be further contacted for a brief phone pre-screen interview to best connect you to current opportunities.

Our program offers no guarantees of employment as it is the employers who determine suitability and decide who to hire.


Stay in Touch


Our team will be checking in every two weeks via email to confirm your availability. It is your responsibility to respond in a timely manner to remain active in our program. If your employment status changes at any point during this time, please be sure to let us know.


Contact the CLAC Jobs team at onjobs@clac.ca or 1-519-653-3002 if you have any questions.

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