Looking for Work?

CLAC Jobs in Ontario

In Ontario, CLAC Jobs sends lists of available workers to CLAC employers. CLAC does not run a hiring hall. This means that you are allowed to find work wherever you want—whether it’s for a CLAC employer or not.

The Employment List

Fill out the CLAC Jobs—Ontario Form to get on our employment list. We send employers a list of all available tradespeople. You will be listed in one trade. When we send the list, we will also indicate if a resume and proof of credentials are available to employers upon request. To stay on the list, please contact our Jobs Team in Ontario every two weeks. If you are contacted regarding a work opportunity, please respond, or we will assume you have found employment and will remove your name from the list. If you are hired by a CLAC company, we will remove your name from the list. To get back on the list, simply contact us—you don’t need to fill out a new profile form.

Mandatory Health and Safety Training - Prior to being added to our employment list, you must provide proof of WHMIS and fall protection (or Working at Heights) training that meet CLAC standards. If you do not have this training, CLAC can arrange it for you at cost.

Your Profile

Your profile is based on this form, so keep it up-to-date with any changes (such as change of address or trade or training credentials). The form contains several sections, including:

  • Trade: Indicate your primary trade. If your trade is not listed, include it in the Skills section. “Construction Labourer” is the default trade when no trade is listed. 
  • Endorsement: Indicate your endorsements. Please send copies of your Certificate of Qualification or apprenticeship card (where applicable) so that we can mark these as verified. 
  • Skills: You may include as many skill areas as you like, such as CET or a specialized driver’s license, supervisory experience, and expertise within your trade. You cannot list a trade from the trade section unless you can provide an endorsement in this secondary trades. Here is an example of what to include:




    Hardware installation/formsetter/trim and cabinet

    Construction Labourer

    Pipelayer/formsetter/grademan/entry level/skilled


    PLC/low voltage/fire alarm

  • Courses: List construction-related courses with completion and expiry dates. Please send proof of training so that we can mark these as verified.
  • Geographic Availability: Indicate where you are willing to work. Usually mileage, transportation, or live-out allowances, if applicable, are described in collective agreements. Prior to hire, confirm these arrangements and the exact job site location. Geographic availability is based on postal districts.
    Postal codes that begin with: 
  • “K” are in eastern Ontario 
  • “L” are in central Ontario 
  • “M” are in Toronto 
  • “N” are in southwestern Ontario 
  •  “P” are in northern Ontario