The Matthew Manuel Memorial Award

Matthew Manuel was a CLAC member when his young life tragically was cut short in October 2013. His life was rich and full of the energy and ideals that we admire in young people. 

Matthew was also walking the complex road of recovery from addiction. CLAC wants to recognize the courage that his life modelled and the importance of workplace safety that his death continually brings to mind. 

The Matthew Manuel Memorial Award (MMMA) has been created to honour Matthew’s life and to honour his family’s commitment to helping others who face the same challenges as he did.

The Annual Award

The MMMA will be awarded each year on the anniversary of Matthew’s passing. The successful candidate will be notified prior to the announcement. The award and candidate will be honoured in both his or her workplace environment and the larger CLAC community though various agencies of communication.

Award Amount: $1,000

Candidate Qualities

A CLAC member who has completed drug/alcohol treatment, is considered suitable to return to work, and is committed to recovery and career development through training and/or education.

Award Process

Applicants and Nominations

Candidates for the MMMA can be nominated by any person connected to the candidate’s CLAC workplace or life and is familiar with his or her recovery process—you can even nominate yourself. Nomination applications need to be submitted by September 30 by emailing Simply email us with the nominee’s name (your own or someone you are nominating), and our team will get the process going.

Application Process

If you have been nominated, email or mail a brief letter outlining your desire to have both your recovery and Matthew’s recovery honoured by this award. This letter should contain 

  • A brief outline of your recovery process. 
  • A short paragraph on one of the following topics or one that you think will be in the spirit of the MMMA. 
    • How will you be an advocate for safe and sober CLAC work sites? 
    • What made the difference for you in pursuing a life of recovery? 
    • Who was instrumental in motivating you toward recovery and how did they do so?

Award Process

The successful candidate will be chosen by random draw of all qualified nominees.