Why We Work Safely
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Why We Work Safely

Commemorating the Day of Mourning

We work safely for ourselves, our co-workers, our friends, and our families.

We work safely because an accident or illness not only affects us, but them.

When we’re rushing, tired, or not paying attention, we need to stop and think about the people in our lives. Stop and think about what could happen—not just for us, but for them.

In Canada alone, 852 workers died from workplace-related injuries or illnesses, and another 232,629 suffered a lost-time injury or illness in 2015.

April 28 is the International Day of Mourning, a day to commemorate those whose lives have been forever changed by a workplace accident or illness. Let’s remember those we’ve lost and work safely for ourselves and those around us.

Learn more about which workers are most at risk, and watch our video, Before Day's End, which tells the stories of workers who have been injured or killed on the job.

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