The Most Dangerous Time of the Year
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The Most Dangerous Time of the Year

Do you drive for work, or work near traffic? According to data from WorkSafeBC, workers are more likely to be struck on the road or roadside during the fall and winter. 

Why? It is dark longer and the roads are often slippery. 

Workers at risk include construction workers; tow truck, transport truck, and delivery drivers; postal carriers; utility installation and repair workers; and firefighters, paramedics, and police officers. 

If you are driving

  • Be alert – Get rid of all distractions.
  • Be awake – Take a break when you are tired.
  • Be cautious – Drive according to road and weather conditions.
  • Be courteous – Slow down and move over for emergency vehicles, tow trucks, etc.

If you are working near traffic

  • Be prepared – Do a hazard risk assessment.
  • Be separated – Set up a protected area with barriers, crash truck, cones, etc. when possible.
  • Be seen – Wear reflective clothing and use lights and flares.
  • Be alert – Put away distracting electronics and headphones.


Source: WorkSafeBC

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