Taking the Wheel on Wellness
/ Author: Anthony Van Hengel
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Taking the Wheel on Wellness

You may hear about safety every day on the job, but there’s more to wellness than avoiding accidents.

Mental health is one of the least talked about forms of health, but one of the most important to overall well-being. According to the disability adjusted years of life scale, even mild depression can be as debilitating as epilepsy.

Workers in the transportation industry are at risk for mental health issues due to the nature of their work. 

For those who might already be prone to anxiety, spending long hours in relative isolation on the road or on the water provides time for worries to swell. Limited exercise and disorganized sleep patterns, both of which are common in the transportation industry, can contribute to pre-existing mental health concerns. 

While an individual’s community is hugely beneficial in alleviating mental stress through support and care, transportation workers often spend long periods of time away from home and lack regular interaction with close friends and family. 

At CLAC, the mental health of our members is a priority. Our Wellness Team’s sole job is to foster wellness in the lives of members. Additionally, participants in the CLAC benefits plan have access to an employee and family assistance program that provides confidential help for work, health, or life concerns—including mental health.


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