Steady as She Goes
/ Author: Dennis Perrin
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Steady as She Goes

We’ve all seen those movies where the ship is sailing straight into stormy seas— dramatic scenes complete with everything from terrible weather to frightening music. 

I think many of us have felt similar in the past year and a half with regard to our industry and the economy in Alberta. We’ve watched ourselves sail into stormy seas and are now in the midst of it with no obvious end in sight. We do the best we can considering the circumstances. We don’t turn around or stop but push ahead, making sure we weather the storm well. 

That is just what we at CLAC are doing in this challenging economy. We are working hard to keep you working now, and we are also working to create future opportunities for Local 63 members. In the mean time, we’re being diligent about preserving valuable terms and conditions that protect you and your family members. 

So let’s stay the course . We’ll get through it and ultimately we’ll be better for it.


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