Pretty Scary World
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Pretty Scary World

It seems almost impossible to find workable solutions to the tensions that are resulting in chaos and violence around the world.

It’s looking increasingly like a pretty scary world.   It seems almost impossible to find workable solutions to the tensions that are resulting in chaos and violence around the world.   Trudeau promised to ground the Canadian planes that are dropping bombs against ISIS and they are still flying, probably because there are no other easy solutions.   All of Europe is grappling with what to do the influx of migrants and the impact they will have on their society.   I guess we are lucky in that sense.  We can screen the refuges before they come, in Europe they just appeared.   Furthermore, Canada is a land of immigrants and we are a pretty tolerant bunch. 

Here, though, particularly in the prairies, we are feeling the effects of a pretty wild economy.   Its not bad enough that we have to live with the icicles for 6 months.   The price of oil is kicking the crap out of the oil patch.  Unemployment is at an all-time high.   And that is in the context of much larger global economic uncertainties for which, according to Stephen Poloz, governor of the Bank of Canada, there is no magic wand.    He says we will just have to ride it out.    I heard someone from the University of Alberta say that we may well be faced with a decade of recalibration.

I think it is a good thing that we have learned to live with the icicles.   Not only are we tolerant, we are also pretty tough.    We keep saying to each other, “we’ve been here before and survived and we will survive this one too.”   It’s true, but it comes across pretty calloused.   It is hard on many people.   Normally hard working people are depending on the food bank.  

Yesterday I watched a part of the People’s Choice awards.   I don’t usually watch stuff like this, but I tuned in just when they were honouring Ellen Degeneres for her public displays of kindness on her show and in her life.  She mentioned that the stuff she was doing is something everyone should be doing.   I agree.   Life is tough right now.   Those who have need to share with those who don’t.  People who are still doing well need to help those for whom putting one foot in front of the other each day is tough. 

That’s why I do what I do.   There is nothing better than being part of something that helps others.   Be it medical coverage  or LTD for sick people, pensions for those who get old or jobs for those who can’t find anything.   There is never a shortage of ways to help.   I love being part of something like this because we can only be better if we are together. 

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