Local 63 Members—Habitat for Humanity Needs Your Help!
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Local 63 Members—Habitat for Humanity Needs Your Help!

Local 63 is supporting Habitat for Humanity in Edmonton and needs your help!


Habitat for Humanity needs 300 more volunteers in April and May at the Carter Place build, located in Edmonton. The project is part of an initiative to build 150 homes across Canada for the nation’s 150th birthday. 

Please consider volunteering to help provide housing for families in need. You can register individually or as a group at hfh.org for a shift that is convenient for you. 


The Local 63 Board will be sponsoring a build day on June 22. All members are invited to support Habitat for Humanity using their skills, and have coffee with their local board members. To sign up, visit hfh.org and go to the Volunteer page. Select “Register to Volunteer.” Once registered, you can visit the Group Volunteering page and join our group (Christian Labour Association of Canada) and shift (6/22/2017).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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