Kingdom Construction Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract
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Kingdom Construction Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract

Ayr, ON—Employees of Kingdom Construction Limited unanimously ratified a three-year collective agreement providing them with solid wage gains and other improvements.

The settlement was negotiated by their union, Construction Workers Union, CLAC Local 52. New terms take effect September 1, 2021, and continue until August 31, 2024.

The new contract provides employees with a total value increase of 7.1 percent. Along with solid hourly pay increases each year, the new agreement also provides for improved employer contributions to employees’ pension plan, improved funding for healthcare benefits, and higher allowance for workwear and boot purchases. Equally important were increased rates for employee travel, mileage reimbursement, and daily living-out allowances.

“This round of negotiations took some time to get right,” says Roger Grootenboer, CLAC representative. “With complex and changing market circumstances at play, discussions stretched over a considerable period of time. But the unanimous vote by the membership to accept the contract indicates that it was worth the time invested.”

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