How to Be a Drag at Work
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How to Be a Drag at Work

Every workplace has them—the negative nellys who can always find the downside of a situation and drag the mood of the workplace down.


10 Ways to Ensure Your Coworkers Won’t Want to Hang out with You

1. Focus on the negatives. Once you feel miserable, your vibe will bring down the morale of those around you.

2. Gossip about your coworkers and managers.

3. Shoot down your coworkers’ ideas and undermine their work.

4. Refuse to accept change in the workplace—unless it was a change you came up with.

5. Don’t say thank you when someone helps you.

6. Don’t ask how your coworkers are doing. Show no interest or concern for them.

7. Never apologize.

8. Blame others when things go wrong. Refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

9. Don’t accept criticism. Believe that you know it all.

10. Focus on your own career and enjoy seeing others fail.


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