A Victory in Sudbury
/ Author: Matthew Walchuk
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A Victory in Sudbury

Volunteers and citizens work together to save volunteer services

On April 26, the mayor and city council for Greater Sudbury voted unanimously to reject the proposed Fire and Paramedic Optimization Plan. This plan would have seen local volunteer firefighters reduced by more than 100 members while significantly increasing taxes. This victory represents a milestone for Greater Sudbury volunteers and Local 920 as it was through their teamwork, patience, and perseverance that we were able to achieve this outcome. 

The weeks leading up to the council meeting saw volunteers working with colleagues, families, and friends to raise community awareness and encourage people to attend town meetings. Volunteers also supported a petition that culminated in the collection of 5,840 signatures from citizens and local businesses. This petition showed the community support for volunteer firefighters and was cited by Mayor Brian Bigger as a key factor in council’s decision. 

This was a significant moment that saw volunteers and their community come together for a common goal. There will be new challenges ahead that must be faced positively and productively. In doing so, we can best demonstrate our commitment to the service we worked so hard to protect.  

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