What Makes Us Different?

Our approach is truly modern

We believe in cooperation, not confrontation. We work to make your workplace a better place—so that you and your coworkers can grow both as a workplace community and as individuals.

It’s why we seek to balance individual and collective interests when we negotiate. It’s why we only strike as a last resort. It’s why we don’t tell our members where to work, or our signatory employers who they can hire. It’s why we don’t force anyone to join us, or fine them when they leave. It’s why we use your dues money to represent and support you—not politicians or political parties.

To learn more about what makes us different, read Our Heritage

Our Commitments

We build positive workplaces

We bring workers together to create a strong voice in the workplace, and help you achieve a better work life. Our approach is constructive, not confrontational. We talk; we don’t shout. Most importantly, we get results. And through it all, we help keep you working.

The values of respect, dignity, and fairness underpin how we negotiate on your behalf. We create a positive bargaining climate, seeking win-win outcomes. We get you what you need, without risking what you already have.

We’re champions of you

We have your back. We work hard to ensure you get the benefits and working conditions you need and deserve and protect your rights and safety. We also provide you with opportunities to grow, to expand, and to fulfil your potential.

We make every day great

We know that when people enjoy the work they do, when they feel rewarded and respected, when they want to be at work, then everyone benefits—workers, employers, families, and communities. That’s what we mean by everyday greatness.