Supervisor Micro-Certification Program

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Empowering Supervisors to Lead

CLAC’s Supervisor Micro-Certification Program (SMCP) empowers construction supervisors with the skills to be people-centric team leaders rather than simply task-focused managers, resulting in

  • safer workplaces,
  • better communication,
  • reduced disruptive conflict, and
  • increased productivity.

Why is Leadership Development Important in Construction?

People-centric leaders are front-line supervisors equipped with relationship and interpersonal skills to help your company seize opportunities and overcome challenges related to company culture, attraction, retention, performance, and growth. 

SMCP is an investment in your supervisors, allowing you to spend less time minding day-to-day project issues and more time growing your business.

Who Should Take this Program?

New or experienced construction supervisors, forepersons, lead hands, and those with strong leadership potential.

Program Structure

SMCP is a series of instructor-led modules. A digital badge is awarded for each completed module, and a program certificate is issued when all the Core Modules are complete. The sessions are scheduled to allow for individual flexibility, with a total in-class time of approximately 20 hours. Application and Master Modules provide optional continuous learning opportunities for high-performing supervisors.

SMCP also provides supervisors with access to mentorship support and a growing library of leadership resources to enhance their ongoing leadership development.

Core Modules (required) – 3.5 hours per module
(released early 2022)

  • Module 1: Leadership 101 – elevating your supervisory skills
  • Module 2: Health & Safety Compliance** – foundation to a safety-first mindset
  • Module 3: Communication – developing effective communication skills to leverage team strengths
  • Module 4: Teamwork – forming effective teams
  • Module 5: Conflict Management – strengthening relationships and workplace culture
  • Module 6: Safety Leadership – inspiring a safety-first culture

Optional Application and Master Modules (optional)
(released late 2022, subject to change)

  • Module 7: Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Module 8: Production & Quality
  • Module 9: HR Dimensions
  • Module 10: Leadership 201 (including coaching)
  • And more!

** Module 2 Exemption Option – A knowledge assessment is part of the registration, including proof of prior learning. 

Program Pricing

Program Funding Period

Between January and March 31, 2022, this program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. Participation for the first 300 Ontario participants is FREE and their employers will receive a 30 percent wage reimbursement for supervisors who take any modules within this time frame.

CLAC Members Price

After March 31, 2022, SMCP will remain at no-charge for CLAC members employed in Ontario by signatories that contribute to the CLAC Education & Assistance Fund.

Non-Member/Public Price

If you have completed Module 1 on or before March 31, 2022, you can complete the remaining Core Modules at no charge. Optional and Master Application Modules can be taken at a 50 percent discount of the posted price. The posted non-member/public price will be finalized before March 31, 2022.

Why This Program? Employers and Supervisors Want People-Centric Leadership Training

In 2021 we asked employers and supervisors what they wanted to see improved in leadership training. Check out what they told us.

Get Started with Module 1!

Visit the Module 1 course page to learn more and sign up.

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This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.