Ontario Workplace Naloxone Training

Do You Need to Supply Naloxone Kits, and Naloxone Training, at Work?

Since June 1, 2023, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) has required employers to provide and maintain naloxone kits in the workplace if the employer becomes aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, that

  1. there is a risk of a worker opioid overdose,
  2. the overdose may occur in the employer’s workplace, and
  3. the worker performs work for the employer (i.e., is not employed by another employer at the same location).

An employer does not need to provide naloxone in the workplace if there is no risk that a worker would have an opioid overdose at the workplace, or a worker is at risk of having an opioid overdose at the workplace, but that worker does not perform work for the employer.

All employers who must supply naloxone kits must also ensure that, whenever there are workers in the workplace, the naloxone kit is in the charge of a worker who

  • works in the vicinity of the kit, and
  • has received training to recognize an opioid overdose, to administer naloxone, and to acquaint the worker with any hazards related to the administration of naloxone.

Learn more about how employers can determine if they need to provide naloxone in the workplace. 

Free Training through CLAC

CLAC has partnered with Ontario’s Workplace Naloxone Program to provide free naloxone training for up to two workers per eligible workplace for employers who are required to comply with the naloxone requirements in the OHSA (known as eligible employers). This free training is available through CLAC to all eligible employers, whether they are CLAC signatories or not.

This training is self-directed and offered online. It takes approximately 90-minutes to complete.

Eligible employers are required by MLITSD to attest at the time of registration that they have not previously registered for or received free training through Ontario’s Workplace Naloxone Program for the eligible workplace requested.

If your workplace is not required to comply with the naloxone requirements in the OHSA, but you still want this training, after February 28, 2024, CLAC will be rolling this training out to anyone who is interested in learning about opioid addiction, risks of overdosing, and what naloxone does.

Register Today!

If you are required to comply with the naloxone requirements, simply complete this Attestation Form to start the registration process for your employees.

Once the form is processed, we will send the Workplace Naloxone Training course to your employees via the email address provided in the attestation form.

If you have multiple eligible workplaces, you may register two workers from each workplace. Please complete one form per workplace.


If you are not required to comply with the naloxone requirements, or you are an individual looking for training for yourself, please select one of the course versions below to learn more and register for the training.

English: Workplace Naloxone Training | Online (clac.ca)

French: Formation sur la naloxone en milieu de travail I En ligne (clac.ca)