Toolbox 2 – Knowledge to Lead | Virtual or In-Class

This course expands upon the topics covered in Toolbox 1 and provides further insight into the role of a steward. Toolbox 2 is a case-based interactive workshop aimed at developing leaders who can demonstrate CLAC’s representation style, are confident to handle situations that arise, and understand that mutual gain is better than win/lose. Topics covered include:

  • Toolbox 1 review
  • The steward’s most important tool
  • Your workplace
  • The law
  • Discipline and disability
  • Dealing with harassment
  • Employee performance

Course Requirements

You will be required to answer these questions and provide the following information after clicking "Request to Register."

  1. Are you a steward? This course is for stewards. If you are not a steward and are interested in becoming one, please contact your representative.
  2. Have you signed a membership application card? If no, please sign one on or contact your representative.
  3. Do you have a copy of the collective agreement–either a print copy or pdf? If no, this is available on under My Workplace or from your representative. Please have one available for your training date.
  4. Name and contact information (phone/email) of your employer that approved your day off work to take this training.
  5. For Zoom attendees, you must have a laptop/computer/tablet, Internet connection, and webcam. (Note that you cannot use your phone.) If you do not have these items, the Saskatoon Member centre has these items available and we can make arrangements for your training dates.

Please answer all questions and provide all necessary information to ensure your request is taken care of in a timely manner.

Duration: 7 hours

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