Online and Computer Based Training

The following list of on-line Health & Safety and Supervisor courses are available nationally for both members of CLAC and for the general public. Other provincial CLAC training programs may provide additional on-line courses as part of their provincial training funds and programs. Contact the training centre nearest you for more information.

Non-members and the general public

For non-members and the general public, please follow the course link to register and purchase the program via credit card through the self-pay e-commerce store.

CLAC members

All CLAC members who are actively employed by a Training Fund-contributing company are eligible to access the below courses at no charge (except where indicated otherwise) and for three months after leaving the company. This means if you have been laid off, you can still register within three months from the day you last worked or contributed dues to take advantage of the below on-line courses. Please log on to myCLAC or call the training centre nearest you for more information.

All registrants will have 30 days from the date of registration to complete their online training course.  CLAC Members who do not complete their training course will be charged the non-member fee as a commitment fee.