Women Building Futures

CLAC has partnered with Women Building Futures (WBF), an Alberta-based organization, to help women seeking a career in the construction industry.

WBF offers women pre-trades competency-based training in welding, steamfitting/pipefitting, plumbing, sheet metal, carpentry, and electrical at the Women Building Futures Suncor Energy Training Centre, located in Edmonton.

The centre provides 42 units of fully furnished housing suites for WBF students, including 18 specifically for women with children.

Through our sponsorship of WBF’s Opportunities for Women in Trades Awareness program, 7,500 women will learn about career opportunities available to them. The partnership also opens the door for CLAC to offer scaffold and other training for WBF students.

WBF is quickly becoming the go-to place for women choosing a career in the skilled trades and for employers wishing to hire them. It has a consistent student employment success rate of over 90 percent.

For information on WBR, visit www.womenbuildingfutures.com