Welding - Carbon TIG (GTAW)

One of the most difficult processes to master, TIG Welding is a manual process that requires the welder to use both hands to weld. While one hand holds the TIG torch that produces the arc, the other hand manually adds the filler metal to the weld joint. This very clean, very fine welding process requires exceptional hand skills, patience and of course, practice.


This five-day course will provide theory, safety, and technical training for Carbon TIG using GTAW F6 on Carbon Steel, with the option to do F6 or F4 Fill and Cap.


Successful students will have the opportunity to undergo the F6F4 HW or F6 HW qualification test for an additional fee.


Alberta B Pressure Welder Certificate (ABSA)

Member Price: $1200

Non-Member/Public Price: $1400

*F6F4 HW or F6 HW Test: $200

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