Worst Impressions
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Worst Impressions

Got first day on-the-job jitters? Don’t worry. Here are some unhelpful tips to make sure you fail

10 Ways How Not to Slay Your First Day at Work

1. DO come unprepared. Why Google your employer before you start? Ignorance is bliss.

2. DON’T offer to help with any cause or charity your company sponsors.

3. DO be antisocial—stay in your comfort zone.

4. DON’T set goals for what you hope to accomplish or skills you want to develop.

5. DON’T get to know who your union stewards and representatives are.

6. DO talk a lot. What can be learned by listening?

7. DON’T show appreciation for the job opportunity or those training you.

8. DO be glued to your phone. Snapchat is way more interesting.

9. DON’T ask questions. You already know it all. Right, Smartypants?

10. DO panic! It’s all going to feel very overwhelming.

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