Ready. Set. Retire!
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Ready. Set. Retire!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Retirement is probably the next big milestone on your horizon if you’re north of 50, although you’re never too young to think about getting old. Will you be ready?

In the September 2018 issue of the Guide, we looked at the importance of taking care of your money to ensure you have enough for retirement. In the December issue, we looked at the importance of taking care of yourself—both physically and mentally—to ensure you can enjoy your retirement. This issue is about exploring your retirement lifestyle options.

Research shows that people who start planning for retirement at least five years before their anticipated retirement date have a smoother and happier transition. When to retire, what to do when you retire, and where to live are just a few of the major decisions you will face as you approach retirement. Check out the infographic on Facebook.


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