Promoted? Prove Yourself!
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Promoted? Prove Yourself!

When you’re promoted to a new position, lots of relationships will need recalibrating. You may have a new boss, new staff reporting to you, and a new set of peers—people who had been above you before but are now on the same level. So how can you successfully grow into your new role?

6 Ways to Make a Promotion Work

1. Think positively. – Don’t let self-doubt get the better of you. It’s very likely that your new peers weighed in on your promotion and see you as qualified and capable and ready for the job.
2. Tread lightly. – You might be eager to share your ideas about how things should be run, but it might rub veteran team members the wrong way. Instead, sit back and listen.
3. Be patient. – Recasting yourself in your new role takes time, and your colleagues’ opinions of you may not shift overnight. Don’t take it personally.
4. Project professionalism. – Demonstrate that you’re someone who got the position because of your knowledge and skills, but also that you’re willing to learn.
5. Build bridges. – Reach out to your new peers and boss and get to know them. Schedule one-on-one meetings to see how you can best work together.
6. Understand dynamics. – Learn how the team works and how decisions get made before trying to lead.

Source: Harvard Business Review


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