Working with a Pioneer Spirit
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Working with a Pioneer Spirit

By Amanda VanRookhuyzen, Business Analyst

It was at a National Convention many years ago when I first put my finger on a powerful undercurrent running through the veins of those who forge this unique organization called CLAC. It is both a torch passing through our generations as well as a shared human nature that draws us together despite our differences.

It is a passion and tenacity to build and sustain better, fairer work conditions for our fellow Canadians. It is the undying and relatable message of respect and equality that drives us through the sometimes overwhelming challenges facing Canadian workers every day—whatever our workplace may be. Whether we are tackling opposition, oppression, or opportunity, there is a deep grit that propels us forward—a grit that protects and partners with like-minded pioneers to give a voice to the voiceless.

In the Canadian labour landscape, there is a rich history of battles won and lost. There are many uncharted territories of workers currently suffering without solid representation. I am encouraged by the thought that our view of modern unionism rests on the shoulders of so many others who pursued the same vision in years gone by. Our tactics and methods must align with the times. This was true when CLAC was formed, and remains true today. I am equally invigorated to look around me today and see that the torch we carry burns strong. Those who have gone before us did not labour in vain. The pioneer spirit has not been lost. It may seem lost in our fast-paced, hustle and bustle world, but it lives on within the workers of CLAC. 

This is an exciting time. We are actively evaluating what services provide the most value for CLAC staff so they can serve our members better. We are stretching ourselves to pursue the highest standards. We embrace change with all of its bumps and bruises because time has proven that adaptability is not only possible, but necessary. The intent behind our actions remains the same. We couldn’t stop breaking new ground even if we tried. We know we play a vitally important role alongside our members, and so many other groups striving to keep our land glorious and free.

As we begin a brand new year, may we remain hopeful that, when working together, we can make every day a little bit better.

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