I Resolve To . . .
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I Resolve To . . .

Nothing’s quite as easy to break as a New Year’s resolution. A quarter of people give up on resolutions after the first week, and only eight percent keep them for a year. But some you should break right away.

10 Work Resolutions You Need to Break NOW!

In 2019, I resolve to

1. Always be late for meetings

2. Never learn anything extra to become better at my job

3. Ignore safety rules—I am superman!

4. Do as little as possible to get the job done

5. Never recognize my coworkers’ accomplishments

6. Annoy my boss and coworkers by talking constantly about myself

7. Show up for work unprepared

8. Be very needy so everyone loves me

9. Eat lots of junk food, get too little sleep, and be unhealthy

10. Never share my thoughts on how to do things better

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