Screening Officers at Calgary Airport Vote to Join CLAC
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Screening Officers at Calgary Airport Vote to Join CLAC

Calgary—Screening officers at the Calgary International Airport have voted decisively to join the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC).

The almost 800 workers employed by Garda Security Screening Inc. were previously members of the Teamsters and were seeking better representation.

YYC screeners cast their ballots on this important vote in June 2018, after a six-month organizing campaign. The ballot boxes were ordered sealed by Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) after the Teamsters alleged that CLAC had unfairly organized the screening officers.

CLAC and the Teamsters both testified before the board in hearings held in the summer.

On November 23, the CIRB ruled against the Teamsters’ allegations, concluding that the airport screeners had “exercised their choice freely and without intimidation and that CLAC had acted appropriately.”

The ballots were unsealed and counted on Wednesday and revealed that 62 percent of workers voted in favour of the move to CLAC. These results came a year and a day after CLAC—together with a strong team of screening officers—launched the campaign for change in union representation at YYC.

“We are humbled by the strong level of interest and support shown by screening officers in becoming represented by CLAC,” says Randy Klassen, regional director of the CLAC Calgary Member Centre. “This group of people performs vital work to maintain public safety at one of the busiest airports in Canada. We look forward to working with them and providing them with quality union representation.”

CLAC warmly welcomes its newest members, and is committed to providing them with the excellent representation they have fought for and deserve.

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