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Is driving for a living a literal pain in the neck?

Truckers are more likely to experience the aches and pains that come from prolonged sitting than other professions, as it’s difficult to shift your position while driving.

In the UK, the term repetitive driving injury (RDI) is a form of work-related musculoskeletal disorder that includes foot cramps, low back pain, stuff neck, and sore shoulders from poor posture, stress, tension, and prolonged sitting.

Here are some tips to help keep your drives pain-free.

• Empty your back pockets before your drive so your back isn’t tilted to one side.

• Don’t slouch!

• Use a lumbar support or cushion to support your lower back.

• Change your seat position a few degrees every 20 minutes.

• Adjust your mirrors after you adjust your seat to avoid twisting and stretching.

• Adjust your seat and steering wheel so you can press the pedals without moving your lower back away from the back of the seat.

• Adjust your seat so your knees are the same height or slightly lower than your hips when driving.


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