Bridging the Gap
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Bridging the Gap

When Local 53 members employed by Looby Construction Limited see a river, valley, or swamp land, their thoughts turn to how to cross them. The members work all over Ontario, often in remote areas. Currently, they are busy working on a five-year project to twin Highway 69 from Parry Sound to Sudbury. The project includes building approximately 25 bridges and culverts, including large bridges spanning the French and Pickerel Rivers.

Recently, members completed work on a post-tension bridge, in which metal posts through the concrete structure are tensioned after the concrete cures, adding more strength. During the northern Ontario forest fires this past summer, they had to abandon the project for a number of weeks, due to the encroaching fires. Once the danger subsided, the crews headed back north and resumed work.

Looby has been building bridges, culverts, and dams since 1904. With up to 180 members working during peak season, including equipment operators, carpenters, form setters, and labourers, Looby has the experience, size, and ability to take on bridges of any size. Thanks to these members’ hard work bridging the gap, all Ontarians can more easily get around this vast and beautiful province.

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