Drive With Care in Cone Zones
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Drive With Care in Cone Zones

We’ve all heard it: Canada has only two seasons — winter and construction.

Roads and highways across the country are dotted with orange cones as construction crews race against the calendar make road repairs and improvements. Thousands of roadside workers are depending on drivers to be alert and cautious while they are in the “cone zone.”

Here are some safe driving tips from WorkSafe BC:

·        Slow down and drive with extreme care

·        Stay alert and minimize distractions

·        Think about every cone as if a human being were standing behind it

·        Make eye contact with roadside workers

·        Keep your cool and be patient

·        Slow down even if you don’t see anyone working. Hazards such as traffic shifts or lane reductions may appear suddenly.

For more information, visit WorkSafe BC’s Cone Zone webpage.


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