Moments That Matter
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Moments That Matter

“As our lives weave through the series of events that we all, as individuals, experience, it’s not the years, or the days, that we remember. It’s the every day moments—the Moments That Matter.”

This excerpt from the Chartwell Regency Retirement Residence website exemplifies the kind of care that over 40 Local 304 members working at the retirement home strive to make happen every day for the residents they care for. CLAC has represented Regency employees since January 2011. The residence is located in Port Credit, Ontario, about a half hour west of Tor-onto. It was built 14 years ago and features 81 suites.

The home has been grievance free for the past three years because the membership and the employer have embraced a cooperative approach to labour relations that focuses on finding solutions. The result is a retirement home with a distinct family feel.

“It’s a wonderful thing to feel like you have family in your workplace—people that are always there for you,” says Destinie Gagen-Snow, steward. That’s what it’s like at Chartwell Regency. We are family!”

That family feeling between residents, staff, and employer is immediately evident when walking into the building. And it’s even more evident when tragedies happen. Everyone is quick to rally around each other in love and support.

The loving family atmosphere also serves as the foundation of the Regency’s Moments That Matter program, where members do their best to honour a resident’s special request. Such as Dorota Szymanska, a dietary aide, who heard that Grace, one of the residents, wanted to go to the beach one last time. Dorota wanted to make this happen for Grace. So she packed a lunch and together they went to a nearby park where Grace had a blast walking on the sand and putting her feet in the water.

Helen Jackson, a receptionist, heard that another resident, Mavis, really missed her library in her home. So she took Mavis to Chapters where they spent a few hours looking at books.

Mathuri Partheepan, a personal support worker, wanted to make some homemade ethnic food for some residents, who had expressed how much they missed having Indian food. She spoke with the food service manager who purchased the groceries. Mathuri cooked up the meal and served it to her residents and they loved it!

These are just a few examples of small moments that matter in seniors’ lives. And it’s these moments that make working at the Regency something that really matters for these Local 304 members.

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