CLAC Weighs in on Construction Safety Concerns
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CLAC Weighs in on Construction Safety Concerns

The current construction boom in Ontario comes with an inevitable downside: more projects mean more injuries.

Writer Linda Johnson examines the complex – and sometimes alarming – statistics around critical injuries in Ontario’s construction sector, in the February issue of The Safety Standard magazine published by Canadian Occupational Safety.

“The rise in incidents and fatalities are more difficult to understand in light of the many measures the Ontario Ministry of Labour has taken to improve safety on construction work sites in recent years,” Johnson writes.

She turns to Colin de Raaf, CLAC’s Ontario training director, to help explain this apparent anomaly.

“People believe the training is sufficient, but that’s not the case,” de Raaf said. “It’s just a minimum standard. As it rolls out onto the workforce, as workers get trained and get out into the workplace, the workplace improves their standards and practices on site. Then, hopefully, we will see more engaged employers, more engaged supervisors, and more engaged workers. And they’ll be controlling the fall hazards,” he says.

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