Finding Fairness at Fort Hills
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Finding Fairness at Fort Hills

After six days of being stuck at camp with no work, no pay, and no ability to go home, our Local 63 members working for Suncor Fort Hills have been compensated for missed wages following a recent work stoppage. 

Suncor initially planned to only pay the equivalent of two hours missed per shift.

“At that point we began talking with Suncor and contractors about a plan,” says Jayson Bueckert, CLAC Fort McMurray Regional Director. “We challenged the company: how long is this going to take and when can people go home? If they can't go home, what would the compensation be for being stuck in camp?”

Suncor announced yesterday that the first day would not be paid, but the subsequent five days would be paid in full.

CLAC thanks our members for their support and patience through this difficult circumstance and thanks Suncor for the decision to compensate for days missed.

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