Cedarvale Lodge Launches Antibullying Campaign
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Cedarvale Lodge Launches Antibullying Campaign

In October, members employed by Cedarvale Lodge in Keswick organized a week-long antibullying awareness campaign. 

Stewards Rhonda Gow and Brenda Croder, as well as dietary supervisor Tonya McConnell, were inspired to start an awareness campaign after speaking with members and finding out that many have children at school facing bullying, which affects their home lives and, consequently, their work lives. 

“We also had quite a few staff members who weren’t really aware of what bullying looks like in the workplace,” says Rhonda. “Sometimes it can be something like gossip flying around the building that just poisons the work environment.”

The week of events involved games with both staff and residents; wearing pink T-shirts; and talks from CLAC Representative Michael Glockner, a York Regional police officer, and speakers from Youth Speak. The week of October 14 was chosen in memory of a coworker who committed suicide. 

The campaign was very well-received by staff, and plans to continue raising awareness on the issue are already being discussed for the New Year. 

“There was a lot of talking and learning more about each other,” says Rhonda. “People were exchanging personal stories of bullying they’ve experienced in childhood or in other workplaces, and it really brought us all together. It was great for building team spirit.”

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