Driving after Night Shift Is Dangerous
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Driving after Night Shift Is Dangerous

Various studies have shown the increased health and safety risks faced by workers who do shift work, especially those who work at night. Other studies have confirmed that fatigue is a significant factor in accidents.

 A recent study from the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety highlights the dangers of driving following night shift work. In the study, nearly 40 percent of drivers who operated a vehicle after working the night shift were involved in one or more near-crash accidents. 

Following a night shift, drivers are more likely to experience 

• episodes of prolonged blinking;

 • frequent slow eye movements; and 

• twice the number of lane departures. 

One way for organizations to prevent drowsy driving by night shift and other workers is through a fatigue management system. Employers need to educate their workers, and I would suggest they provide you with a notice on recognizing signs of fatigue. 

If you have any questions, speak to a member of your health and safety committee or contact your representative 


Source: cbc.ca

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