Local Board Updates
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Local Board Updates

Ontario Construction Locals - December 2017

Local 6

The board met in September and reappointed the same members to the executive who had served prior to the election. They also appointed Brent Smith (vice-president) and Christian Blanchard (board member) to represent Local 6 at the CLAC National Convention (held on October 26-27), allowing them to vote on resolutions on behalf of the board. Thank you Brent and Christian for attending! The board’s next meeting was held at the end of November, where the board voted on giving to a charity to help those in need locally during the Christmas season. The Local 6 Board would like to wish all the Local 6 members, and all CLAC staff and members, a very happy New Year.


Local 52

The board met on September 28 at the Mississauga Member Centre. Local staff continue to organize new groups of employees and negotiate and ratify collective agreements. New members include employees of Rock Electric, Onyx Electric, Dominion Construction, LTS Ontario Services, City Electric, and Borea Construction. Welcome! Settlements were ratified by the employees of Everstrong Construction, DMS (Sheet Metal Division), Circon Construction, Koler Construction, Marnoch Electric, Royal Ready Mix, Jasper Constructors, and STRABAG MHP. The board also met Josh Vanderlaan, a new field representative. Brian Lefreniere represented Local 52 on behalf of the board at the CLAC National Convention. Local 52 hosted its annual general meeting on November 30, which was followed by a board meeting.


Local 53

The board met on September 14 for their fourth quarter meeting. The executive was reappointed without change for the 2017-2018 year, with Harold Chordash (Graceview Enterprises) sitting as president. The board selected Ted Quenneville (Pro Electric), vice-president, and Dennis Preszcator (JMR Electric), secretary, as its two voting delegates to the attend the CLAC National Convention. A report on Local 53 was delivered to the delegates at the convention. The report noted steady, strong growth of the local over the past decade, with membership now approaching 1,400 persons. The next board meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2018. Any matter to be placed before the board can be sent care of Roger Grootenboer, CLAC representative, at rgrootenboer@clac.ca.


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