Revolution - Worth the Wait
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Revolution - Worth the Wait

Local 66 members employed by Revolution Resource Recovery ratified a new 5-year contract last October with wage increases totalling $2/hour over the term for all classifications as well as employer-paid BC Medical premiums. Working conditions were a major concern for the members as long days behind the wheel were becoming the norm; with the new contract in place, no employee can be forced to work longer than a 12-hour shift.

Negotiations were drawn out over many months as the two sides battled over key issues like working conditions and a company proposal to implement piecework. A strike vote was held with 98% of members in favour of walking off the job if needed. A mediator was hired by the BC Labour Relations Board, and a successful contract was eventually concluded. 

“These were some of the most difficult negotiations I’ve ever been in,” says Don Mundy, CLAC representative. “The members were willing to fight for better and safer working conditions, and in the end, the contract we got was worth the wait.”

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