Canada Proud, CLAC Strong
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Canada Proud, CLAC Strong

As we build CLAC into the union of choice, we are also helping to build a better Canada

By Wayne Prins, Executive Director

On July 1, we will celebrate a milestone birthday—Canada’s 150th. As a country, as proud Canadians, we will unite in song, laughter, BBQs, and fireworks displays.

As we celebrate, let’s also reflect on what it took to build this great country we know today. We can all relate to the story of people who came to this land seeking new opportunities and a better life based on the ideals of freedom, hope, and justice.

The birth of Canada in 1867 was not an easy one. The founding fathers—there were 30 of them—did not always agree on how to shape a young nation still very much in the shadow of the British Empire.

Seventy-two resolutions from two separate conferences in Quebec City and Charlottetown formed the framework that led to the uniting of the British colonies into a federation. These resolutions were adopted by the majority of provinces and formed the basis for the London Conference of 1866 that ultimately led to the birth of the Dominion of Canada as enshrined in the British North America Act, effective July 1, 1867.

The rest, as they say, is history.

In 150 years, much has changed in Canada. And though perhaps a drop in the bucket compared to many other milestones, we can be proud of the positive contributions CLAC and its members have made to the Canadian labour landscape over the past 65 years.

Through all of CLAC’s early years of struggle against overwhelming odds, our founders and members never gave up. Their struggles are not forgotten. Today, they make us proud of our achievements, make us better in what we do, and make us stronger for what we have yet to accomplish.

The story of CLAC, just like the story of Canada, is not yet complete.  As we build CLAC into the union of choice for those who believe in creating a better workplace and a better work-life, we are also helping to build a better Canada.

Let’s celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday. Let’s celebrate the work of our hands that continue to build, heal, and help throughout our great country.

Let’s show everyone who we are. Canada Proud. CLAC Strong. 

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