Mill Creek Care Centre Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract
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Mill Creek Care Centre Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract

Barrie, ON—Employees of Mill Creek Care Centre, a long term care facility in Barrie, unanimously ratified a three-year collective agreement providing them with wage and premium increases.

The employees are represented by Healthcare and Service Workers Union, CLAC Local 304. The union represents approximately 140 PSWs, RPNs, and activation staff at the facility. This is the second agreement negotiated by the union since being certified to represent the employees in May 2016.

The new contract provides wage increases of three percent over the term along with improvements to weekend and in-lieu premiums. A new orientation premium was negotiated, an indication of the work involved with a very important part of onboarding new staff.

“As if dealing with the pandemic and emergency orders were not enough, our members are suffering through Bill 124,” says Ruth Ann Ferguson, CLAC representative. “These professionals just want to get on with the business of caring for their residents and their families.”

Bill 124 limits annual wage increases to one percent for many of Ontario’s public-sector workers. It received royal assent in November 2019 and runs for three years.

 “We look forward to the next round of bargaining and moving out of the struggles of wage caps and making things right,” says Vicki Andreopoulos, a PSW, union steward, and bargaining committee member.

“We have our marching orders for the next round of bargaining,” adds Ferguson. “We look forward to getting to it.”

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