Q&A with Lezlie McCall
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Q&A with Lezlie McCall

CLAC’s Substance Abuse Case Manager

In 2010, CLAC launched the Substance Abuse Case Management Program to help members struggling with drug and alcohol use. Lezlie McCall is one of our substance abuse case managers, working out of the Edmonton Member Centre.

What is your background in this field?

I worked as an addictions counsellor, supervisor, and program development specialist in residential treatment centres in Alberta. I can appreciate firsthand the devastation that substance use can cause individuals and their loved ones. I also appreciate how miraculous recovery can be once people discover their own reasons to make changes. It is my honour and privilege to walk alongside CLAC members seeking assistance. I also have significant experience applying the Canadian model for providing a safe workplace to real-life situations within the industrial construction sector.

What is your role within CLAC?

I work with members—primarily in the industrial construction sector—to address substance use concerns that have impacted their employment. We offer the same assistance and resources to individuals who proactively recognize that they have a problem and ask for help.

How does CLAC help people referred to you?

We refer members for assessments with substance abuse experts and help the members complete the recommendations made by their assessor. We meet them where they are at, advocate to expedite access to treatment and when members are in dire straits, we connect them with community resources to meet their immediate needs. We also help eligible members apply for short term disability benefits and help offset treatment costs by providing substance abuse subsidy monies for eligible members.

What can members do for more information?

You can contact us at 877-863-5154 or sacm@clac.ca.

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