Memorable Moments
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Memorable Moments

Canucks Sports and Entertainment, CLAC’s largest bargaining unit in BC, celebrates 20 years of fun and extraordinary events

Not many employees can say that they can expect to run into the Sedin twins or see Elton John or U2 when they go to work, but for the 1,500 Local 501 members working for Canucks Sports and Entertainment (CSE) at Rogers Arena, these are just a few of the brushes with fame that they have had over the years. From Queen to the Queen, Local 501 members have seen and been part of some of the most memorable entertainment and sporting events in the province, including the 2010 Olympics and the Stanley Cup finals in 2011, to name a few.

Since the grand opening at the then-named GM Place in 1995, there have been over 3,000 events that have been watched by 27 million guests—and just as many memories for staff and guests alike.

This season, CLAC also celebrates 10 years of representing employees at the arena. Back then, Local 501 represented 450 event staff (hosts, housekeepers, and security personnel) and building operators (conversions staff, carpenters, electricians, and other trades).

Last year, the local saw incredible growth when CSE brought the hospitality end of the business in-house. Along with the addition of several new venues on-site, over a thousand new members joined the local, including culinary staff, bartenders, servers, suite attendants, and quick service/concession staff.

We visited both old and new members and asked them to share some of their more memorable moments working at Rogers Arena over the years.


Host and Local 501 steward

5 years working at the arena

“My most memorable event was game seven of the Stanley Cup finals when we lost to Boston and the riot started downtown. It was all so disheartening. My family was concerned about my safety as I tried to get to my car and get home afterward.

“The strangest thing I found was a white lacy bra hanging off one of the seats after a rather wild country and western concert one night. I didn’t try to track down who it belonged to. . . .

“The best part of the job is the many great hockey fans we have and seeing the youngsters at the games.”

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