Confronting Bullying
/ Author: Geoff Dueck Thiessen
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Confronting Bullying

By Geoff Dueck Thiessen, Manitoba Regional Director

I recently met with a group of employees who complained of low morale in the workplace. They felt powerless and wanted help to think through their options.

What they were describing was the impact of bullying. Bullying in the workplace is often more complicated than one mean person pushing other people around. Over time, it becomes a cycle that everyone plays a role in.

Breaking that cycle can be tough and requires certain actions from the people feeling bullied. Here are four tools that can help.

1. Get help

When you are a victim, you lose perspective and forget about the options you have. Talking to someone can help. Make sure you take care of yourself.

2. Become aware

Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that you have when you are being bullied. See yourself as more than a victim. See the bully as more than a bully. They can do better.

3. Confront the bully

When something bad happens, follow up with that person and be assertive with them. Don’t let them off the hook.

4. Find allies

Bullying doesn’t work very well in the face of solidarity. Get strength from each other and make it tough for the bullying to continue.

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