Workplace Work Horses
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Workplace Work Horses

Do you have a special coworker on your team that you like to work with? Consider nominating them for CLAC’s Everyday Champions award

By André van Heerden, Communications Director

When I watched the World Junior Championship hockey competition, I heard one of the players, Dylan Cozens, referred to as “the work horse from Whitehorse.” I loved it. And I thought, what a great way to be talked about and thought of.

Growing up, and even now, a lot of my friends, and myself, have had nicknames. They’re often based on an event (Sweet Pea), physical appearance (Doogie), or an ability (Fast Boy).

Unfortunately, we don’t get to pick them, and sometimes they’re meant to tease or annoy. All of the examples given were nicknames that I’ve had, and some lasted far longer than I’d have liked!

But in the case of Dylan Cozens, you could tell that teammates and commentators all liked him and the way that he played. There’s lots of positive descriptions that you could give to an athlete (fast, strong, skilled, etc.) but work horse is great because it speaks to more than just physical ability. It speaks to an attitude as well.

It’s not something that comes easily or with luck. Being a work horse requires constant effort and dedication.

Being a work horse is also something that can be valuable not just in hockey, but in other parts of life. At home, at school, and at work, being a work horse would always be positive.

As a union that celebrates work and workers, it’s an attribute that CLAC admires. In 2019, we ran a contest asking people to nominate someone that they see as an Everyday Champion. I’m not sure what I expected the submissions would say, but time and again, the descriptions of those being nominated made me think: that’s someone that I’d like to work with.

Liegha Deluca, nominated by Sabrina Patterson

Sabrina wrote, “She has a deep and loving relationship with every single one of her residents that she cares for, and they smile when they see her coming onto the floor. . . . She always makes time. She comes to work every day no matter what is going on in her own life and is 100 percent ready for her residents. Her sense of love and compassion for the residents is just the same with her fellow employees.”

Mohamed Hussen, nominated by Stacey Leaman

Stacey wrote, “Being new to pipefitting and just starting out my career in this trade, with not quite a year’s experience, he’s been a fantastic journeyperson, mentor, and teacher to me. He goes out of his way to take the time to show, explain, and make sure you understand the task that needs to be done. . . . I have seen him teach multiple different apprentices and have heard such good things about his teaching and knowledge that he’s passed on to them too.”

Members sent in many other inspirational nominations very similar to these two. Just like the Canadian juniors liked having “the work horse from Whitehorse” on their team, it’s clear that members like having special coworkers on theirs.

Is their a work horse on your team? CLAC is once again running the Everyday Champions contest this year, with monthly winners. If you have a coworker who inspires you and others, consider nominating them.

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