BAT Construction Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract
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BAT Construction Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract

Kamloops, BC—Employees of BAT Construction Ltd. unanimously ratified a three-year agreement providing them with annual wage increases and other improvements.

The employees are represented by Construction and Allied Workers Union, CLAC Local 68. The union has represented them since 2000.

The new contract provides employees with 1.7 percent annual wage increases as well as a $50 increase to the personal protective equipment and boot allowance, from $150 to $200 per year. In addition, a new premium of $0.25 per hour for all worked hours was added for employees who serve on the Health and Safety Committee. The agreement also includes reductions in the qualification periods for both employer RSP contributions and vacations.

BAT Construction provides slope stabilization, drilling and blasting, and mine services. Its 25 employees include labourers, operators, mechanics, drivers, potmen, nozzlemen, powdermen, drillers, high angle technicians, and crew lead hands and forepersons.

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