Women in Construction
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Women in Construction

A 10-part series exploring best practices to recruit and retain women in the construction workplace

Best Practice #1 – Conduct interviews, job expectations, and evaluations with consistency.

Women make an intentional decision to enter the construction sector. If the candidate has previous experience or completed a pre-trades program, it is safe to assume that they are making an informed career choice and can be seriously considered for the job. 

Ask candidates questions connected to their ability to perform and fit in with the workplace culture. Ask about their transferrable skills and competencies. 

If the woman is incapable of doing the work and is posing a danger to the workplace, do not be afraid to let her go, as you would with any employee who is not meeting the expectations. That said, do not judge any further women candidates based on any past experiences. 

Evaluate potential recruits based on their own merit and capabilities, and not stereotyping or reflecting past experiences.

Check out the recent Women in the Trades infographic from Statistics Canada for the latest numbers.

Sources: Women Building Futures (WBF, womenbuildingfutures.ca) and Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA, coaa.ab.ca)

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