Going Home
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Going Home

Are you taking your day at work home with you? Here’s how to make the transition to your life outside of work when your shift is done.

Your shift is over, you grab your coat and lunch bag, and head out to your car. In the car on the way home, thoughts of the day flood back.

Faces of students flash in your mind, and you worry about all the ways you might have helped them more. Before you know it, you are home and you are on to the next things that you need to do. But your heart is still heavy and your brain is buzzing.

The transition from leaving work to going home is challenging at the best of times—and we all know these are far from the best of times in Manitoba’s education system. It’s very important that you learn to leave work at work to give yourself time to rest and recharge. You need to be able to enjoy the good in your life outside of work too.

To help you, here is a quick checklist to guide you in the transition from work to your life outside of work.

6 Things to Do after Your Shift

  1. Before you leave, take a moment to check in on your coworkers, and make sure they are doing okay.
  2. When you get home, take a minute to briefly reflect on your day.
  3. Think of one thing that was particularly challenging about your day. And then let it go.
  4. Think about three things that went well during your day. Remember them tomorrow.
  5. How are you doing? How are you feeling about the day? Reach out to your supports if you are struggling (health and safety committee members, steward, managers, CLAC representative).
  6. Now put your work away. Tomorrow will bring new challenges and rewards. Focus your attention on being home and rest and recharge.

Source: dbth.nhs.uk

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