Recommendations on Bill 16, The Labour Relations Amendment Act
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Recommendations on Bill 16, The Labour Relations Amendment Act

CLAC has submitted a document outlining seven recommendations on Bill 16 to the Manitoba government

On behalf of its members, CLAC recently offered a submission to the Manitoba government in response to Bill 16, The Labour Relations Amendment Act, which is now before the legislature. 

The submission contained seven recommendation that CLAC believes, if implemented, will serve the public good.

1. Exempt the construction industry from section 5(1), subsection 40(1.2) of Bill 16.

2. Retract the proposed changes to section 4, subsection 12(2) of Bill 16 and restore the previous language in this section.

3. Exempt independent multisector unions from the reporting requirements in sections 132.1(2.1) and 132.1(2.2) of Bill 16.

4. Remove the compensation disclosure requirement in section 132.1(2.3) of Bill 16.

5. If the government chooses to keep the compensation disclosure, we recommend that Alberta’s public sector disclosure model be adopted by the Manitoba government.

6. Remove sections 54.1(10) and 54.1(2) from Bill 16.

7. Provide a clear definition of “substantially different” in Bill 16.

The full document is available for download below.

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